Thursday, February 2, 2017

WHITE GUY ON THE BUS …North Hollywood

A white businessman has a perfect life - a loving liberal wife who teaches in a ghetto school, a young neighbor who is like their adopted son, his new wife with a baby on the way, and the peaceful world of affluent suburban living. So, why is he taking a bus once a week out to a maximum security prison and befriending a young black woman, a single mom with ambitions to become a nurse? Well, you will have to see the play to discover the secret that author Bruce Graham artfully reveals.

With the subject of white privilege now in the headlines, this play is a perfect illustration of it. There is a mystery here, and the resolution starkly brings a deep racial divide into sharp focus. To heighten the tension, author Graham cleverly plays with time, pulling us back and forth so the revelations hit with greater impact. He gives no predictable answers, but leaves all of us shaken by the disclosure of the fragility of our presumed safe worlds.

Brilliantly directed by Stewart J. Zully, the cast are flawless. Kevin McCorkle smoothly goes from button-down financier to raging avenger; Kacie Rogers meets his overtures with total ironic detachment before buckling under the weight of her desperate need; Amy Stoch is the admirable outspoken wife; Crash Buist the idealistic yet ambitious young neighbor, and Teagan Rose his fiery and indignant young spouse.
Produced by Carlyle King and Michelle Gillette for Road Theatre Company.

At The Road On Magnolia, 10747 Magnolia Blvd, NoHo, through March 18. For tickets – visit or call 818-761-8838. 

Photos by Michele Young.

Also reviewed in the March issue of NOT BORN YESTERDAY.

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