Sunday, January 8, 2017

THE MANOR …in Beverly Hills

This site-specific drama, performing once a year at Greystone Mansion, is now in its 15th season and not to be missed. Haunting the halls of this classic Beverly Hills mansion is a murder mystery and the brilliant script by Kathrine Bates is based on actual incidents that took place in the very rooms and halls where we are witnesses. It starts out in the halcyon days of the roaring twenties when the MacAlister (Doheny) family are celebrating the wedding of their son and heir to the girl of his dreams.



However, all is not as it seems. As we move through the glorious building in separate groups, we enter private rooms and witness dramas that do not bode well for the future. There is intrigue afoot: a corrupt Senator is calling in a dubious favor from his rich old friend; the caretaker’s brooding son is in love with the eager bride, and a foreign housemaid ominously predicts tragedies to come.

Ten years later it all comes to a shocking climax in the very rooms we tiptoed through, as some people fall apart, others rally themselves, and still others die. Go see for yourself - and enjoy the journey with a brilliant cast, glorious setting and fabulous costumes.

Directed by Flora Plumb, from Beverly Olevin’s original staging, and produced for Theatre 40 by David Hunt Stafford. At Greystone Mansion, in Greystone Park, 905 Loma Vista Drive, Beverly Hills. Free parking. Reservations: (310) 364-3606.
Photos by Ed Krieger.
Also in the January issue of NOT BORN YESTERDAY

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