Friday, December 29, 2017


Since in December most productions were Holiday Celebrations and now closed, here are shows opening in January that sound worth seeing. 

Starting Jan 5, at The Lounge Theatre, Hollywood, is BUGABOO & THE SILENT ONE, a drama by Marja-Lewis Ryan, about two women inmates in a County Jail in West Virginia. Heidi Sulzman and Jacqueline Toboni are the combative prisoners: 800 838-3006 or

On Jan 11, The Wallis in Beverly Hills celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. when LULA WASHINGTON DANCE THEATRE performs over his holiday weekend. Also, their Free outdoor event every second Sunday, DANCE SUNDAYS WITH DEBBIE ALLEN & FRIENDS, continues to be wildly popular:

Jan 13, The Road Theatre on Magnolia, North Hollywood, presents A DELICATE SHIP, by Anna Ziegler, directed by Andre Barron. In this romance, Sarah and Sam are lovers until Nate, her childhood friend, shows up unannounced and alters the course of their lives: 818-761-8838 or

Then on Jan 19 starts NOTHING IS THE SAME, at Sierra Madre Playhouse, written by Y York and directed by Tim Dang. In this drama, on December 7, 1941, four Hawaiian youngsters are playing marbles when Japanese bombers buzz their town on their way to attack Pearl Harbor: 626-355-4318 or

Starting Jan 20 at The Fountain Theatre in Hollywood, is Aaron Posner's adaptation of Chaim Potok's award-winning novel THE CHOSEN. Directed by Simon Levy, it stars Joel Polis and Alan Blumenfeld, in a poignant story about a silent father, an ancient tradition and an important game of baseball: 323-663-1525 or

Also listed in the January issue of NOT BORN YESTERDAY.

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