Monday, July 15, 2019

THE LAST DAYS OF DON JUAN in West Hollywood - Review

The character of Don Juan was first created in 1630 (14 years after Shakespeare died), by noted Spanish playwright Tirso de Molina, as a tragic drama about a libertine dancing arrogantly on the pathway to Hell. Now the Classical Theatre Lab have managed to transform what was then a grim tale into a totally hilarious farce that speaks loudly to our #me too times. 

Adapted by British playwright Nick Dear, this tale of a notorious cad getting his come-uppance is a total delight. In an outdoor shady garden, Carlo Figlio as Don Juan heads a superb cast of proud royals (Stuart W. Howard, Alexander Wells, Cesar Di Bello, Vertic Emil Brown, Ian Waters), sullied maidens (Erin Fitzgerald, Michael Sturgis, Carolyn Crotty), and saucy attendees (Christina Conte, Nico Madden). 

Plaudits to director Suzanne Hunt for capturing the exact tone of merriment while making sure, even in the outdoor setting, every word and gesture resonated clearly. Elegant costumes by Susan Deeley-Wells, and daring swordplay by choreographer William Hickman. 

Presented by City of West Hollywood & Classical Theatre Lab for five weekends outdoors at Kings Road Park, 1000 N. Kings Road, WEHO. Info: (323) 960-5691 or email

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