Monday, September 23, 2013

GALLERY SECRETS … at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

"A Vast Hoard" by Tom Jacobson
Directed by Janet Hayatshahi

In this intriguing show, it’s after hours at the Museum and the audience is led through darkened hallways to various galleries. In the 1913 Rotunda we are drawn back in time to where the Museum director is pleading for art works that now hang before us. 

"Skins and Bones" by Ruth McKee
Directed by Andrew Borba

A young gal then escorts us into the 1929 African Dioramas Hall where we witness a shy young couple, who work together on the bones collection, falling in love. 

"Under the Glass" by Zakiyyah Alexander
Directed by Jeff Wienckowski

Then, a giddy young man beckons us to follow him into the Gem and Mineral Hall where, in 1978, a sophisticated museum donor and his vivacious wife are facing a life and death crisis. 


This is interrupted by some scantily clad young
"Prom Season" by Boni B. Alvarez
Directed by Jennifer Chang
ladies who invite us to their prom in the Dinosaur Hall. Once there we see and hear a modern female guard give sensible warning to a young woman who seems bent on ruining her life with a seedy lothario.

These four plays were written and directed by local talents specifically for these locations. All of the performers were excellent but among the large cast I especially favored Blaire Chandler, Tony Amendola, Frank Daggett, Rod Menzies, Amy Ellenberger, Melinda Bielefelt, Joel J. Gelman, Katherine Sigismund, Marie Ponce, Angel Star Felix and Justin Huen.

Chalk Rep specializes in performing plays in unconventional spaces around Los Angeles County. In the Museum, each play is inspired by an assigned gallery, and set in the time period when that gallery was built, covering 100 years of history, architecture and exhibits.

At the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, 900 Exposition Blvd. at Vermont, through Oct. 13. For Chalk Rep call 323-379-9583 or  For tickets call the Museum at 213-763-3499 or www.NHM.ORG/calendar.

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