Thursday, September 19, 2013

THE BELLS OF WEST 87th Hollywood

The family feast on fake turkey!

 A young woman is managing a Manhattan apartment building while desperately trying to keep peace between her eccentric parents, now living next door to each other in the same building. Although they are separated, the wife is keeping an eye (or ear) on him through a series of bells that signal his wanderings through his rooms. However, he is quite happy alone, pursuing his dream of a career as an illusionist. Into this wacky mix the daughter brings her new beau, who she met in art class and, to her dismay, he finds her nutty family utterly charming. 

As do we, I might add.

Molly, Ida and Chris
Cameron Meyer, as the frustrated Molly, perfectly captures her lack of self-confidence, and James Marsters, as her boyfriend Chris, is delightfully nerdy and sweet. However it is Carol Locatell as Ida, the hyper-critical mother, and Robert Towers as Eli, the impish magician, who steal the show. They make it seem that four years apart might actually have been good for their marriage. Dagney Kerr as Maxine, the sister who has it all (or does she?) brings a sweet normalcy to the family gathering.
Eli and Chris

A truly funny view of family by playwright Elin Hampton , with witty direction by Richard Pierce. Adjacent NYC-apartments set is by Jeff McLaughlin, with effective lighting by Michael Gend; sound by Cricket S. Myers, and costumes by Susanne Klein.

Presented by Round Swamp Entertainment, in association with Greenway Arts Alliance.  At Greenway Court Theatre, 544 N. Fairfax, Hollywood, through October. Tickets: (323) 655-7679 x100 or  (free parking available)

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