Monday, April 28, 2014


Roger and Sherry have been married 20 years, and life has grown stale, and sex a bore, and when they are invited to a party they discover to their horror it’s a Swingers Bash, but a few drinks later, and after a number of hilarious views of the guests in action, they get into the swing of things. Then, to their surprise, the Morning After turns out to be the start of a second honeymoon! Yes, “Is There Sex After Marriage?” is definitely an Adult Comedy, but I can assure you its perceptions about human behavior are affirmative and definitely funny!

Jaret Sacrey as Roger and Gillian Brashear as Sherry merrily make the journey from marital coldness to carnal heat to connubial warmth. 

In multiple roles, Brad Lee Wind is delightful as docile neighbor Joe and affable stud Hank; Juliet Lemar runs the gamut from sensual Beth to bawdy Tammy to mousy Penny; Joel Berti is fun as earnest romantic Zack then lothario Bob; Melinda Hughes shines as discontented Mindy and seductive party animal Karen.

This world premiere romp is wittily written and daringly directed by Jeff Gould with delightfully appropriate songs (e.g. “(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction") during the breaks. 

The simple Los Angeles sets by Allison Schenker are well lit by Steve Pope, with excellent costume choices by Jen Bendik.  Produced by Mike Abramson for Home Run Productions. Photos by Silvia Spross.

At Two Roads Theatre, 4348 Tujunga Avenue, Studio City, ongoing. Tickets: (323) 960-5770 or

Also reviewed in the June issue of NOT BORN YESTERDAY.

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