Sunday, May 24, 2015

LOVE AGAIN …North Hollywood

Here are three musical love stories, so if you don’t like one there is always the next to warm your heart. First a middle-aged couple meet after 20 years and realize they were soul-mates and have wasted their lives but, since they have spouses and children, its not exactly a love match we want to applaud.   

The next play is an alarming picture of two sweet women left brain-dead by a freak accident, but somehow they manage to be up and dancing while their grieving loved ones try to come to terms with their loss, especially when a medical expert recommends pulling the plug. 

Last is a winsome tale of a divorced elderly couple, grandpa and grandma, both suffering from extreme forgetfulness, who happily find each other in their new reality.

Outstanding in multiple roles are Lloyd Pedersen, heartbreaking as the husband called upon to dispatch his comatose wife, then utterly adorable as nutty old dad reconnecting with his ex-wife; and Michele Bernath, poignant as a concerned dead mother, then amusing as a daft old lady. 

The rest of the fine cast are Janet Wood, Paul Cady, Andrew Curtis Stark, Renee Gorsey, Debi Tinsley, Elijah Tomlinson, Kathleen Chen, Lauren Peterson and Amy Gillette. All sing with clarity and bright energy.

Book & co-lyricist Doug Haverty, music and co-lyricist Adryan Russ. Director Kay Cole keeps the actors moving to the beat. Special plaudits to Richard Berent, musical director and arranger who also amazes as a one-man orchestra.

Lonny Chapman Theatre, 10900 Burbank Blvd, NoHo, through June 28. Tickets: (818) 763-5990 or

Photos by Doug Engalla

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