Tuesday, September 22, 2015


     A hobo who has dropped out of society and is content to live under a highway overpass receives an invitation to a luxury mansion. 

There he meets a number of wealthy and apparently successful people – the owner, his elegant wife, his hedonistic daughter, a cynical manservant and finally an invalid locked in the attic.

    All bombard him with their theories of the meaning of life but, being a man who wants nothing, they cannot seduce him by any means. This leads to imagined murder, sexual fantasies and finally the confrontation with his deeply hidden regrets and desires. When he discovers that he wants the luxurious life offered it becomes the signal for his downfall. The message is that desire corrupts and true freedom is lost when we learn to want.
    Told in a series of blackouts, with sounds of thunder and perhaps gunfire to emphasize the oncoming threat, author-director Chris Kelley keeps us almost as hypnotized throughout as is his hero. Illustrating this bitter statement on our own culture’s obsession with ownership, Darrett Sanders is the confounded hero, Joe Mahon is his more easily manipulated friend, Doug Burch is the cynical mogul, Chantelle Albers his dissolute wife, Erin Fleming is the demanding daughter, Carl J. Johnson the bemused paterfamilias and Alexis DeLaRosa the ambitious servant.

At Theatre of Note, 1517 N Cahuenga Blvd, Hollywood. Through Oct 24. Tickets: 323-856-8611 or www.theatreofnote.com

Photos by James Olsen & John Kenower.

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