Wednesday, October 7, 2015

THE MONEY FI$H …in Hollywood

What is a man willing to suffer for money? What depths of degradation will he go before waking to the fact that he is wretchedly unhappy, even with a pocketful of cash. In this engrossing one-man show, John Cox takes us on his personal journey to enlightenment through back-breaking work. This young man’s search for meaning, after an abusive childhood, leads him to pursue the goal of $$$ earned within the confines of a brutal world.

Months at sea capturing and sorting fish soon endows him with a small fortune in cash. The ultimate goal is the real catch – become a Captain and after 11 months at sea you go home with half a million. When someone who matters to him says the old cliché ‘money doesn’t buy happiness’ he wonders if he’s been suckered into a false dream.

Under Michael Arabian’s dynamic direction, Cox creates a number of people who influenced his life: the snarling captain who had only contempt for his workers; the happy-go-lucky shipmate who wasted his life ashore and was wasted by the ship itself, even momentarily the step-father who beat him. 

Also the child psychologist who taught a broken boy how to survive, and the young woman who lifted a mirror so he saw his life pattern.

Imaginative set (John Iacovelli), lighting (Leigh Allen) and sound (Julie Ferrin). Don’t miss this inspiring true story.

At The Hudson Theatre, 6539 Santa Monica Blvd. Hollywood, through Nov. Tickets at (323) 960-7780 or
Photos by Michael Lamont

Also reviewed in the November issue of NOT BORN YESTERDAY

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