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This delightful Musical Tribute to Bob Hope and the USO played one weekend at the Sierra Madre Playhouse but, like the peripatetic Hope himself, may well perform forever. As I am close friends with Lani Ridley Pedrini, the co-writer/director/producer and singer/dancer in the show, I can hardly be objective, so let me quote from other’s reviews.

LIFE IN LA: by Sharon Laine: What a delight.  Really captured the magic of the USO tours. The toe-tapping tunes and comedic timing made for an evening of fun and patriotic chest pounding. Showcased the hope and hardships faced during our country’s involvement in WWII, Korea, Vietnam and Desert Shield and formed it into a show of warmth and friendship. 

The clips of actual USO footage, with Bob Hope hosting, were clever and strategically placed to keep the momentum moving forward. Mitch Rily played Hope with enthusiasm and confidence and Robert Towers as his comedic side-kick, Sgt. Iggy, kept the audience laughing and wanting more. The entire cast was versatile and were clearly enjoying themselves. Thanks for the memories indeed!” 

Michael Shaunessy - actor, vocalist, performer, emcee!:The show was lively, had a great pace, humorous, and wildly colorful. Charles Offenhouser held the whole thing together, with his zany antics and jack-of-all-trades stage presence. Several really clever and polished production numbers. I especially liked Rosie the Riveter and Singin' in the Rain, and Denise Harvey hit it out of the park with her Aretha Franklin tribute. I couldn't get enough of Robert Towers as Sgt. Iggy. Congratulations all around for a really fine entertainment."

Marlena de Pasadena – theater-lover and Pasadena Playhouse volunteer:  “It was truly a wonderful show with a lot of "heart" in it.  The writing, the historical research, the absolutely everything. Thanks to all the actors, singers, dancers, crew, and so forth.  Speaking of "forth" - this show will go forth.  I can see it being performed in venues across Southern California. I expected the seniors to love it, but I noticed that the young people in the audience really enjoyed it too.”  

Thanks for the Memories will return to The Sierra Madre Playhouse on Sunday, September 7 for a 2:30 matinee and a 7:30 evening performance (two shows). 
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